is focused on enabling social activism, first through the creation of sophisticated software as an open-source project, then through deploying the software in the USA and in other sites around the world.

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Our Vision

Our world today is rapidly becoming a world-wide oligarchy, dominated by the ultra-rich and the corporations they control. Our governments are increasingly unresponsive to We, The People and are increasingly under the control of the ultra-rich. Our elections are being stolen right in front of our eyes and our media is remaining mute... Only by taking to the streets in large numbers are we taken seriously; so long as we are trapped in the activities of our own lives, our voices are not heard, even though we are the vast majority. But with over 90% of the non-Internet media in the USA in the control of just six ultra-wealthy, old white men, who hide our activism and prevent us from working together - or even knowing about each others' interests - how are we to even organize, know what's going on, become active ourselves?

This project provides some of the answers: We need to use the internet to find each other, organize and become active. We need to learn from each other, organize, organize better, become coordinated. More of us will join in as participation becomes easier and safer, and as we gain tools that help prosecute police and provocateurs who attempt to violate civil rights or disrupt our protests, our protests will become more effective. We need to prevent the media of the ultra-rich from getting away with all their lies.

To further these goals, this project will do two things. First, it will provide the world with a USA based web site called (and also with the features listed below. Second, this software will be made available to the world via an open-source project. The project will provide these services:

To get started, we intend to "steal from the best". For example, we are interested in obtaining the live-streaming software from the ACLU as a starting point as it makes sense to start with something that works and reduce the time it takes to achieve deployment by borrowing as much from what has already been accomplished!

As stated above, the software that enables the web site and its goals will be open-source, created by the project or obtained with compatible licensing, and made available to anyone who wants it under standard open-source licensing rules. It will be both designed for being multi-lingual and designed to permit the creation of a distributed web of sites across the globe to help overcome any government intervention. This will have to be well thought out, but part of the idea is that cooperating sites share their data with other sites so no one is vulnerable to having all their data either lost or otherwise mishandled.

Your ideas are all welcome!

Most importantly, we need YOUR direct help in making this a reality!

To join us or provide assistance, please either email us, or sign up to one of our email lists.